Golden-Rules-of-Journal-Entries by Jameel Attari

Golden Rules of Journal Entries

Journal Entries

Personal Account:-

  • Receiver Debit and Giver Credit
  • The recipient is debited.
  • The person giving is credited.

Example:- Cash received from Suresh Gaur:- 10000/-

Suresh Gaur – Personal Account – Credit

Cash– Real Account- Debit

Cash Account 10000

To Suresh Gaur 10000

Real Account:-

  • Incoming Debit and Outgoing Credit
  • The item coming into the business is debited.
  • Goods going out of business are credited.

Example:- Furniture purchased – 4000/-

Furniture – Real Account – Debit

Cash – Real Account – Credit

Furniture Account Dr. 4000

To Cash Account 4000

Nominal Account:-

  • Expenses and Losses, Debit & Income and Profit, Credit
  • All expenses and losses are debited.
  • All profit and income are credited.

Example:- Payment of salary 8000/-

Salary – Nominal Account – Debit

Cash – Real Account – Credit

Salary Account Dr. 8000

To Cash Account 8000

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